Youth Pastor News

by Darrel Proffitt, Lead Pastor

I have been working behind the scenes in the search for a new Youth Pastor.   We now move into the next phase of our search. From now until the call this fall, it is important that you know what we are doing. Please start (if you haven’t already begun) praying for both our search committee and the candidates who we will be interviewing.  We will begin praying for both in our worship services starting this weekend.  We are reaching out to a couple more people to be on the committee and when that is finalized I will let you know who all is serving in this vital work.

I have expanded the team to include more parents, volunteers and youth.  I will be working directly with them as we do the important work that lies before us.  This will include dreaming, praying, and discerning.  We will work with all due diligence to narrow our list of candidates to three and bring them in to meet both parents and students.  From that group, we will make our decision about who we feel God is calling us to select.

At this point, we need all of COTHA to commit to praying for this process, the team and the candidates.  If you would like any information about anything in this process, let me know.  I am excited to complete our work together.  Stay tuned for further information as we move forward.

In the meantime, both volunteers and staff are serving our Youth.  I am serving as the interim Youth Pastor and am present on Wednesday nights for teaching and fellowship.  I am also directly connecting with students on Sunday mornings.  I am looking forward to building some great connections and helping all our students experience God’s love and to feel more connected to both COTHA and me.

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