By Craig Vickerman, Ministry Pastor of Students


I woke up this morning to a Facebook post from Scott England, my friend and musicianary (His word to describe what he does. He is a missionary who uses music to share the Gospel). Scott posted Psalm 42:5 from the message, 

“Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?

 Why are you crying the blues?

 Fix my eyes on God—

soon I’ll be praising again.

He puts a smile on my face.

He’s my God. 


It just so happens that we are teaching on worship this weekend at COTHA and so I began this morning with a quick soul check. And to be honest, my soul feels closer to being in the dumps than it does being in the throne room of God. But I know Sunday is coming and I want to be ready to fully worship God alongside you.

So here is where I am starting. At COTHA we believe Worship is a lifestyle, commitment, and verb. We worship God as the body of Christ in spirit and truth, limited only by Scripture and our willingness to respond to God. Connecting with God takes more than showing up and consuming; it takes action. The goal: Fix my eyes on God, and soon I’ll be praising again!

Here is a simple attempt to fix my eyes on God.

W – God is worthy of my worship

O – I need to worship out of obedience and not from feelings

R – A great place to start is to remember the cross

S – Studying Scripture helps me to focus

H – God is Holy

I  – It’s not about me, God is the great I AM

P – Worship is participatory, we need to come to Church with a ready heart.

If you happen to read my blog, I would love to hear about how you fixed your eyes on God this week. I will be in the foyer around 9:15am on Sunday, let’s swap stories and together we can praise God.

In Christ, and for His Glory


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