Darrel Proffitt


Darrel Proffitt

Lead Pastor

Pastor-Darrel-ProffittDarrel was called to COTHA in 2007 and has served here since then.  Darrel is married to Julie and they have three grown children: Joseph, John and Emily (who is married to Tim) and two grandchildren: Jude and Scarlett.  Darrel has another member of his family that is furry and has four legs, Margaret, his yellow lab.  Margaret can often be found during the week napping in his office.

Darrel began his adult life as a public school teacher and coach.  After his teaching career ended, he was honored by the University of Kansas Honors Program as “An Outstanding Teacher and Mentor of High School Students.”  That award still hangs in his office.

Following three years of study for his Master’s degree, Darrel served two different churches in the Diocese of Chicago.  During that time he returned to school and was awarded a Doctorate degree in congregational development, with and emphasis on church growth and evangelism.

While serving a church in Kansas, Darrel received notification from the national church that he was leading the second fastest growing church in the denomination.  He also received the “Merit Award” from his seminary for the contribution he was making to the larger church.

Fun Facts About Darrel

Darrel grew up an avid Jayhawk fan and still unabashedly proclaims his devotion to them (although he is curiously quiet during football season).  When the Bishop of Texas scolded him for not having a Texas college team to root for, Darrel simply rolled his eyes and spoke (under his breath) that “clearly the Bishop does not understand that a lifetime of devotion is not thrown away due to geographical location!”