Care Bags @ COTHA


By Teri Burt, Care Bag Coordinator

I had a strong desire to get more involved with COTHA and I felt the best way was through one of the missions. Because my younger brother fell onto hard times and became homeless, I particularly wanted to help those in need. I prayed for direction to help others like my brother. Then, my husband, Andrew, went to visit his family’s church in Tampa, Florida, which is where he first saw the care bags. It was the perfect answer to my prayers. One thing my brother said helped him get through his hard times was the help he received from others and knowing we all cared deeply for him. Handing out a care bag not only shows our compassion for those in need, but it also offers them hope. With hope, they too have the chance to get to a better place – much like my brother who now has a home and has work. God bless those who helped him and God bless those who choose not to look away from others in need.


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